Healing Therapies

Angel Healing

Angel Healing aims at healing the body, mind, and soul by invoking the Archangels to strengthen the aura so that no dense energies can penetrate and affect your life.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing as developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is a powerful energy healing technique that aims to transform and harmonize the prana levels in one's body, thus increasing the body's innate ability to heal itself. Dr.Ruchi is a certified Level3 Pranic Healer from World Pranic Healing Foundation, Inc., Philippines.

Magnified Healing

This is a vibrational healing system that helps in releasing all energy imbalances and enables you to become one with energy so that you can heal yourself.

Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing using various rituals, affirmations, and forgiveness prayers are both taught and performed, to help you remove any blockages which are keeping you from growing in life.

Soul Nourish Therapy

Soul Nourish Therapy-This dialogue-based therapy is aimed at equipping you to become more centered so that you are better able to handle the challenges in your life. Both Basic and Advanced modules take you through an extensive discussion on Soul-Science, empowering you with the needed knowledge, thus helping you make informed decisions.

Violet Flame Healing

Violet Flame Healing-Invoking the violet flame with the help of Saint Germain helps in clearing all unwanted energetic patterns in your aura, thus opening you up for emotional and spiritual development.

HALT therapy

Heal by Acknowledging, Learning, and Transmuting is a dialogue-based therapy developed by Dr.Ruchi, which helps people get aware of their weaknesses by helping them identify their limitations through specific exercises so that they can take guided action and live more peacefully

Crystal Grid Healing

This healing modality involves the use of crystals laid in specific sacred geometry patterns with the intention to send, receive or transmute energies in the energetic field of someone in need. It is an ancient and powerful technique and is relevant today too, as the grids can be conveniently placed in your home, workspace, or hung on walls to keep amplifying and alleviating the energies.

Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki is a popular Japanese healing technique, through which universal energy is transferred to the person seeking healing, to help realign his energies. Dr.Ruchi is a GrandMaster and also provides training in all 5 levels of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Karmic Reiki.

Flozy Reiki Healing Therapy

This Reiki technique, which was discovered by Dr.Ruchi, uses various symbols to channel, transfer and plant nourishing energies from the Floral Kingdom. Flozy Reiki can be used along with any other healing modality or as a standalone therapy for soul nourishment. Training is also provided for the same.

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