Consulting And Guidance

Shamanic Reading

Shamanic Readings include seeking in-depth guidance from the Spirit regarding your Karmic Patterns.

Pagan Tarot

These tarot cards are aimed at the more modern youth ,who believe more in attuning to the energies of the nature through sacred and simple rituals.

Chakra Card Reading

A very powerful way to get a diagnostic done for your Chakra Health .It helps in identifying the core emotion ,which is causing an imbalance in any of your chakra.

Tarot Card Reading

Reading the cards to get an insight into the situation has been a popular way to help get clarity. Dr. Ruchi specialises in over 50 different types of tarot decks,so that there is always one for each type of personality.

Angel Card Reading

Guidance from these decks is obtained through powerful messages from the Angelic Realm. Very popular with children and youth.

Flower Card Reading

Floromancy is used to obtain answers through clairvoyance and remedies advised.

Oracle card Reading

Oracle Card Readings help in obtaining a profound insight into your past, present and future state.

Astrology Card Reading

These cards help in giving a quick snapshot of the affect of various planets on your energy and life.

Meshiah Reading

Mermaid’s Toe’s /Jingles(sea shells)are used to receive important messages which help in decoding your soul’s purpose.

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Many a times in life, we feel directionless or are faced with issues for which we are unable to find a clear solution or we just need ,an assurance that are on the right path . It is in such moments, we seek some kind of guidance from the Higher Powers ,be it Angels, our Planets, our Numbers or simply our Energetic Frequencies.

At CFMBS, we offer channelled guidance through the following modalities:

Unicorn Guidance

Many a times ,when we feel lost and need comfort from our childhood mystical worlds ,connecting to the Unicorns ,from their Realm helps inspire us and move ahead on our path to evolution. Belonging to the Air element, they help in clearing confusions and offering clarity to the ones in need.

Fairy Guidance

Fairies have always enchanted almost every one. It is believed that fairies are connected to the earth element and bring to us the wisdom of our ancestors. Choose them to guide you ,when you feel unstable and need anchoring in life.

Mermaid Guidance

Mermaids have fascinated sailors since time immemorial .Belonging to the water element, these half human and half fish ,mystical beings can be invoked to guide us ,when we are going through an emotional roller coaster in life .

I-ching Guidance

Consulting the I-Ching for guidance and wisdom, has been a popular means to connect with the Divine in ancient China .The sacred teachings from its coins or stalks ,is indeed a powerful way to obtain potent insights about the various aspects of your life .

Clarify The Sign by Adding More Nuance

You Can Feel Energized After Making A Few Small Changes To Your Daily Routine.


Your date of birth contains important information and tells a lot about your
personality and patterns in life.

Tea-Leaf Reading

Tea-leaf reading or Tasseography is also an ancient and important tool, which
helps the reader tap into the secrets of your subconscious to get answers

Crystal Ball Gazing

A beautiful and mystical way to better understand your work life, health and
relationships. Scrying also works well in exploring your past life patterns too.


Although, an ancient divination tool, runes readings can be your best ally, when you are in need for a quick opinion.

Aura scan

Aura refers to the bioplasmic field around every living being .It is now bring scientifically proven that all diseases, first enter our auric field before showing up in our physical body .
An aura scan ,done with a hand scan or a dowser ,therefore gives us a reasonable idea regarding the imbalance in your chakras ,so that timely remedial intervention can be done to prevent further damage ( Howsoever ,this scan ,is not a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis and only helps in diagnosing the chakra imbalances in your aura)

Energy Scan

We all are made of energies. Often in our lives ,we feel lost ,lethargic ,irritabilite etc without any underlying medical issue .Everything around us is stable, but we still feel drained out and unmotivated. This could be due to an imbalance of energies – depleted energies ,or presence of dense and unwanted energies. An energy scan will help ,identify such imbalances ,so that you can realign your energy and live a more peaceful and happy life.

Abstract Art Scanning

This is a powerful tool which helps in understanding the stuck patterns in your subconscious mind .By means of blowing out paints on sheets of paper, you help us interpret your limiting blocks ,so that you can get aware of these and work on improving them .

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