About Centre For Mind Body Soul

Centre For Mind Body Soul

CFMBS is the brain child of Dr.Ruchi and she has been nurturing it ,with her personal care ,attention and
vision since 2005.

Her innate ability to connect with the tarot cards and her gift of clairvoyance led her to gradually evolve
into a healer . As her gifts ,started bringing results and helping people get guidance,she structured her
work into a small holistic health care centre.

Thus, Centre for Mind Body Soul was born. Soon ,the activities of the Centre were structured under
various wings-Swayam(aimed at helping people get clarity regarding the various challenges they are
facing through tarot cards,numerology,runes and crystal ball gazing); The I-Manager (aimed at helping
people identify and work on the ā€œIā€ within them through various customized meditations, HALT
therapy, Abstract Art Diagnosis etc.) and Beyond Paathshala (aimed at helping people heal through
Affirmations and various healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Crystal Grid Healings, FLOZY Reiki
healings and Angel Healings)

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