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Since its inception in 2005, Centre for Mind Body Soul has been concerned with helping people take guidance during their tough times. The journey which initially started with channelling messages through tarot cards eventually grew into becoming a Holistic Health Care Centre aimed at helping people reclaim their essence and achieve more balance and bliss in their lives, through numerous ancient and new-age modalities.

Consultancy and Courses Available

Our Journey...

Dr.Ruchi started her journey of helping people navigate through their conflicting times by channelling guidance through her first deck of Tarot Cards in 2005.
As the messages channelled through her started resonating with people, the word spread around .More and more people started reaching out to her for getting more clarity on the challenges they were facing in their life. With the blessings of the Universe, she structured her work through a platform. This platform was named as Centre for Mind Body Soul.
This initially started as a centre concerned with helping people take guidance through tarot cards, and eventually grew into becoming a Holistic Health Care Centre aimed at helping people find their life purpose, and solutions, navigate through their challenges peacefully, reclaim their essence and achieve more balance and bliss in their lives.
Dr.Ruchi is now a Reiki Grandmaster and has helped several people find peace and their soul purpose. She is also the Founder of Flozy™ Reiki.

Our Wings

Centre for Body Mind Soul

At Swayam, we are focused on helping people find solutions, through various divinatory aids like Tarot Cards, Runes, Numerolgy, Crystals etc.

The school aims at helping you manage the “I” within you, through deep soul work like HALT Therapy, PLR, Shadow Analysis, Customised Healing Mediations etc.

This wing of CFMBS is concerned with training people with skills usually not taught in mainstream schooling like Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Self-Love etc.


Flozy™ Reiki Healing

If you are a curious soul who is eager to learn a new way of empowering your inner being with the quality of Resilience, so that You sail through the ups and downs in your life calmly, Welcome to The World of Flozy Reiki, also known as Happiness Reiki.

Flozy Reiki is a divinely discovered and channelled healing modality, which uses a set of special symbols representing certain Archetypes to invoke and channelize the potency of ‘Ki’ or the ‘life force energy’ from the ‘Floral Kingdom’. This subtle wisdom was channelled to Dr.Ruchi (pen name- Rishika Ruchi) by the Spirit of the Bauhinia Tree- ArecyaIt can easily be used as a compliment to any of the existing Reiki models including , the Traditional Usui Reiki.


Dr.Ruchi C.Batra(M.A.R.P) has been honoured with several awards in her academic journey starting from a Merit certificate for her accomplishments in Economics from CBSE (1993), Geeta Chopra Award for excellence in B.com (Hons.), from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University (1996),to a Gold Medal from our Late President Abdul Kalam ,for being a University Topper in B.ed, GGSIP University, New Delhi (2000).
She was also awarded with Best Teacher Award by The Lion’s Club and Commerce Teachers Association, New Delhi .
Her spiritual work has been recognized through several honors by associations like Tatvan, Heart and Soul, Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage. She regularly keeps giving inspiring talks at various National and International Events. Her articles have been published in various astrological and religious magazines.

Upcoming Autum Workshops 2023

Healing Modalilites

  • Reiki Grand mastership
  • Energy Healing
  • HALT Therapy
  • Flozy Reiki 8th-Batch

Ancient Vedic Wisdom

  • Ganpati Atharvsheesh
  • The Rangrasiya in Me
  • The Wise Owl- Season 6
  • Secrets of Asthlaxmi
Dr Ruchi Chawla Batra

Consultation Only Through Appointment

Get in touch with me to understand what kind of reading you need, whether it’s for your personal life, your professional career or your love life. You can find the answer to your question in with CFMBS.

Our location

CFMBS, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110027​​

Opening Hours

10 am to 5 pm.

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