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Dr.Ruchi Chawla Batra is an internationally known Life Sorter.

Based in New Delhi, India, she successfully runs the Centre for MindBodySoul.

After spending more than a decade ,successfully training young minds in the field of Accountancy and Management, she moved on to readings cards, which she felt was her Divine Calling. She has been awarded with numerous academic awards during this journey and has also been bestowed with a Gold Medal, for being a university topper in Bachelors of Education from GGSIP University (New Delhi) .

She is now an internationally known Tarot Card Reader, Tea Leaf Reader and Meditation Instructor. Besides this she also gives guidance to people through  Aura Scanning,  Numerology,  Runes and I~Ching. She is also an active blogger, who constantly updates and encourages her clients through her articles.

She has been associated with the field of occult for more than a decade and has a large circle of individuals who have gained a lot either through her consultations or private workshops. People from different walks of life, culture and religions from all over the world, look up to her for guidance and support during their challenging times.

She strongly believes that every situation, no matter how unpleasant or undesired, opens a door to insight and self knowledge through change. It is during these times of transformation, when we must face challenges and make decisions; oracles like tarot, runes, tea leaf reading and i-ching provide us with an aid by guiding us and equipping us to make better decisions.

The aim of Centre for MindBodySoul is to help people restore their spiritual balance by providing guidance through Counselling, Tarot Card reading, Tea Leaf reading and various other occult mediums.

The Centre works under three wings:


Few of our Bespoke Services


The Word “Runes” Actually Means Mystery Or Secret. It Is An Ancient Germanic Alphabet Which For Centuries Has Been Used For Divination. Get Yourself A Reading By Getting The Casting Done From The Runes Of The  Elder Futhark.

Tarot Card Readings

Taking A Reading Through Cards Helps Us In Clearing Our Mental Fog, So That We Are Ready To Make The Best Of Our Promising Times And Take Guidance To Sail Through Our Challenging Times.

Life Purpose Readings

The Purpose Of These Readings Is To Assist You In Finding Your LIFE PATH.Whenever You Feel Stuck Or Unsure Of Where To Go , This Reading Helps You In Seeing Your Past Influences In Relation To Your Future Intentions, And To Move Accordingly. It Helps You To Look Within In Order To Get To Know Yourself And Your Motivations So That You Can Be Guided Towards Your Soul Purpose In Life.

Tree Of Life Readings

These Readings Provide You An Insight Into Your Own Stages Of Inner Development.They Will Help You Gauge Your Own Progress InThree Different Areas Of Self Development – Emotional, Intellectual And Spiritual.

Angel Card Readings

Angels Are Believed To Be Divine Messengers Of God.By Consulting The Oracle,You Get To Know About Your Deepest Fears And Call Upon Their Energies To Protect And Heal.

I-Ching Consultations

Once We Embark On An Inner Journey, The Ultimate Goal Is To Realise The Self Within. The Chinese Oracle Of I-Ching Helps Us In Identifying The Reasons For Our Journey And Gives Guidance On The Best Ways To Explore The Same.

Crystal Ball Gazing

Crystal Ball Reading Is Believed To Be One Of The Highest Kinds Of Energy Works.Explore The Ball For Some Magical Divine Guidance.

Tea-Leaf Readings

Establish Communication With Your Subconscious Mind And Find Answers To Your Hidden Issues With Our Special Cup Of Tea .Get Your Tea-Leaves Read To Gain An Insight Into Your Natural World Through Intuitive Interpretation Of Synchronised Events By The Divine.

Planetary Healings

It Is One Of The Most Advanced Levels Of Repentance Treatments. For People ,Who Know About Their Planetary Imbalances And Want Forgiveness For Them ,From The Invisible Forces Of The Universe.

Customised Meditations

These Meditations Work At The Soul Level By Helping You In Identifying With Greater Clarity Truth And Facts About Yourself. Choose From A Wide Variety Of Issues You Want To Work With- Anger, Forgiveness, Compassion Etc…

Soul Nourish Programmes

These Programmes Are Aimed At Working At The Soul Level To Change The Soul Blue Print To Help You Progress By Cleansing You Of Your Karmic Debts.They Help You Lovingly Embrace All The Events Of Your Daily Life With Joyful Acceptance.


Numerology Is The Study Of The Symbolism Of Numbers. An In-Depth Analysis Of Your Date Of Birth Helps You In Making The Right Career Choices And Throws Light On How To Optimise Your Performances In Various Areas Of Life, By Tapping In The Right Energies From Your Own Personal Direction Of Success.

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